Help Page

Welcome to the help page, please read through the information here if you have any trouble using any of the site's features. If you still have problems even after consulting this page then please see the IT Support department for further help.

Unavailable Site

Occasionally some services may be unavailable, this will be apparent when trying to use a service as it will be greyed out and will redirect you to an "Unavailable" page. This means the service is currently down for maintanence, please try again later but allow enough time for maintanence to be carried out.

Curric Network Intranet

There may be a problem with some versions of Internet Explorer whilst logging into the system. If you are unable to login please prefix your username with "lawnswood\".
For Example:
username: lawnswood\firstname.lastname

Curric Network File Access

There are currently no known problems with this service, if you experience one please report it to the IT Support team and if necessary it will be updated here.